ARTVÆRK Fanoe Art School - house of growth for fine arts and literature

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School purpose

Education and further training of artists, professionals as well as amateurs, into a personal art practice  through individual training in disciplines such as, painting, classic drawing, croquis og model painting, graphics, sculpting, modeling, installation, photo.


The idea of Fanoe Art School emerged due to several years of watching the need of a local art school. Margit Enggaard Poulsen has served as a teacher in a great number of contexts, a.o. at a senior summer school, which takes place every year in July on Fanø.
She has been a teacher at different schools and the like. Her interest in passing on her solid experience and ability to inspire in combination with the local need resulted in ARTVÆRK.

Financially supported by LAG Fanø the studio on the first floor is enlarged and renovated into a beautiful, rustique 100m2 room for 10 students.

Professional approach

Professional performing artists are associated to the school as guest teachers. They have all an academic background and have practised art for decades which means that theory, techniques, common practise and teaching skills are organically integrated in the teaching and adapt to each students needs and interests.

Cultural activities
Lectures, events and exhibitions in the adjoining Gallery Enggaard will be offered to the participants.

It will be possible to attend courses for shorter or longer periods within one semester if there is room for it.
2nd semester 2013 from October 7th to December 6th.
Lessons every day 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
Courses on weekly basis or in weekends will be offered in the summer period between the two semesters.